About Festival

At Holding the 6th in Tokyo in 2012

International exchanges among four participating countries have increased since the previous Tokyo BESETOHA held eight years ago, but that may not have always been friendly ones. We confirmed holding this 6th BESETOHA in 2010, and anyone would admit that many international affairs invaded the friendship among four only in past two years, and that many have no clue for improvement.

However, members of BESETOHA Choral Festival have continuously put effort to achieve the "goal" of this choral festival: building a relationship of trust among students responsible for the future of each country through chorus.
We made visits to each country to strengthen our friendship, and encouraging Facebook messages and e-mails we, members in Tokyo, received in March 2011 protected us from despair. The "goal" took its shape in reality right in the middle of the disaster.

We, BESETOHA members in Tokyo, hope from the bottom of our heart that holding the Festival now in here helps building the true trust in East Asia in the future.

About Festival

From January 12 to January 17, 2002, an exchange concert was held in Seoul and Tokyo under the theme of “Harmony of Youth.” This was extended and prospered into the first BESETOHA Choral Festival that was held on October 2002 in Seoul, which involved four grand Asian National Universities. With the students’ spontaneous effort and participation, it would flourish into a BESETOHA Choral Festival that will be successful with the support of the university’s president joint conference.

The significance of the BESETOHA Choral Festival is the students’ endless support and participation for a successful choral festival. After the “Harmony of Youth” concert, we were asking for participation through Electron Mails and discussed problems like the composition of the concert. For a successful concert, each of the university has made a separate organization. This organization had the responsibility to converse over problems and listened to ideas while arranging precious schedules and plans to progress a successful concert.

Choirs from National University Of Tokyo, University of Beijing, Ha-Noi University, and Seoul National University made the opening of the 1st Besetoha Choral Festival. They performed in the Seoul National University Cultural Theater on October 12, 2002 and held a concert in the KBS Hall next day. While the four choirs had their own unique characteristics of singing, they also arranged a stage where each of the country’s folk song was sang. It was a stage where they recognized the true value of this concert.

While the choral festival was in progress, each of the students from different countries had schedules to tighten up their friendship. As for the approaching era for the youths in the future, they were provided with the chance to understand each other’s culture in depth and they wished that their exchange of friendship and love for singing among the four universities did not stop even after the Besetoha Choral Festival but to succeed into a deeper relationship in the upcoming events.